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What I Ate Wednesday

This year I am going to try and get back in the habit of these What I Ate Wednesday posts.  I like doing them but I always forget to take pictures before I eat!

The pictures I have in this post are actually not from the same day-they are a mix of Sunday and Monday.  Breakfast isn’t pictured for either day because I am the worst about documenting that meal.  Mostly because I am either in a rush or not quite ready to start functioning at top speed.  We aren’t back into school from Christmas break yet so I wasn’t in a hurry.  Not sure what my excuse is then!

Monday we all had a snow day here as we had a giant snow storm on Sunday bringing us at least 12 inches of snow and lots of blowing and drifting.  Today schools were closed again because of the extreme cold.  It was -13 when I got up this morning and the wind chills were about -30.

Anyway, here’s some of what we ate in the past couple of days.

Breakfast:  Sunday breakfast was our usual pancakes.  Monday was my usual oatmeal with PB and banana.  The kids had cereal, toast, and/or yogurt and hubby had his usual granola.

This picture is what hubby and I had for lunch on Sunday.  I think the kids had PB & J.  I really wasn’t sure what we had in the fridge that I could whip into a good lunch but I was able to come up with something pretty delicious.

We had tofu that I glazed with some habanero peach jam I had in the fridge from a summer trip to the farmer’s market. I served that over brown rice and had a simple arugula salad with a basic no oil dressing (from the Engine 2 book).



tofu with habanero pineapple glaze

The picture below is dinner Sunday night. Notice the beautiful Christmas present I got! I made a vegetable curry with potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, chickpeas, and greens. I adapted this one from the Vegan Slowcooking for One cookbook but it is similar to this recipe but with cashew cream instead of the yogurt.

curry with potatoes and chickpeas

Lunch Monday was leftovers of the curry and some leftover pizza.

Monday’s dinner wasn’t a favorite so I won’t mention it here :)


Below is a snack from Monday

Apple nachos.  I cut up some apples and topped them with melted PB and melted chocolate and then sprinkled on some coconut.  The kids were very excited and for few moments I was the best mom ever!  Until I asked them to clean up their toys.

apple nachos

I hope you have had some warm and delicious meals this past week!

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  1. yum! apple nachos. i’m going to have to remember that for dessert soon. :)

  2. That is one NICE looking pot! Beautiful present! Also, apple nachos! I have NEVER ever heard of that before. What a great idea! Thanks Jamie.

    • The kids have been requesting them every day since!

  3. Oh man, apple nachos! I love that :)

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