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Weekly Menu Plan | Week of July 22, 2013

Hello!  How was your weekend?  We had a very busy but very fun weekend which is why the  menu plan is a little late today.

Weekly Menu Plan

Friday is always pizza night here at the TVM house but it was so hot last week that we didn’t want to turn on the oven.  So we decided to go out for pizza instead.  The kids, of course, thought this was a great idea!

A storm came through while we were at dinner and the restaurant lost power for a couple minutes but all in all it was a nice dinner out.  (Besides the fact that an order of breadsticks cost $4!)  We weren’t home very long when we lost power at our house.  Thankfully the storms brought some much cooler weather.  There was still no power at bedtime so the girls slept on the floor in our room.  Little Man slept in his own bed but he is still little enough that storms and the dark don’t bother him much.

I slept pretty well in spite of not having any air or fans but I tend to stay cooler than most people.  Hubby said he didn’t get a lot of sleep and thought it was pretty warm.  I thought for sure the power would come back on in the night but morning came and still nothing.

We go to church on Saturday so we got up, ate some cereal and milk, and headed to church.  As a stay at home mom I will occasionally (ok, often) not shower in the morning so the no shower wasn’t a big deal to me.  Hubby wasn’t too pleased.  I question his tales of wilderness camping…

We were gone most of the day on Saturday thanks to invitations from kind friends for lunch and boat rides, and a meeting and dinner at church.  By the time we got home that night the lights were back on!

The freezer had started to thaw but thanks to being vegetarian there wasn’t much in there to go bad.

Sunday the day was spent at a beautiful wedding.  It was a gorgeous day with temps in the low 80’s and a nice breeze.  Thank goodness the heat wave ended!

I skipped my long run yesterday.  I just couldn’t get up at 5:30!  I also didn’t do very good at getting my Jillian DVD’s in this week but did fit in a little core work and stretching.

Here is the menu plan for this week:

Monday:  Black Bean Polenta Bowl

Tuesday:  BBQ Tofu Burger

Wednesday:  Cornmeal Crusted Ratatouille Tart

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Pizza Night.  I want to try this Pesto Pizza

Saturday:  A variation of Summer Spaghetti Salad

Sunday:  BBQ Quinoa Salad.  Minus the bacon and chicken

I am on week 4 of half marathon training but this week I won’t bore you with my workout plan unless someone is dying to know!

What is on your menu this week?


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  1. Wow- what an eventful weekend with the storms! Glad you’re back to normal. Looks like a delicious week!

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