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Menu Plan Week of 1/7/13

Well, we had an exciting weekend here in the Thrifty Veggie Mama household.  On Friday, Little Man had an accident involving a mug of hot milk.  We had an overnight stay in the burn unit but everyone is home and doing well.  The burns, which are on his scalp and forehead, are pretty superficial so they will heal completely without scarring.  I had been resisting getting his haircut even though hubby was pushing for one because I loved his silky blond curls.  Now he has no hair as they had to shave his head! Little Man is still happy as can be and acts as if nothing is wrong (except for daily dressing change time).  The injuries could have been much worse so I am extremely thankful for God’s protection.

Tomorrow L goes back to school so it will be back to the early mornings!  It has been really nice sleeping in the past couple of weeks.  Tomorrow morning will be a little rough.  I am also starting Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp tomorrow so I am getting up extra early to get in the first workout.

One of my goals is to be a little more creative with L’s lunches.  Most days she gets a PB and honey sandwich which she is happy about but this week I am going to figure out some other ideas she will like.  Friday I was going to plan out some breakfasts, snacks, and different lunches but didn’t get that done but here’s our dinner plans for this week.

Monday:  I think we will have breakfast for dinner.  L has been requesting eggs for weeks so I think maybe egg sandwiches (tofu scramble for me) with fresh fruit

Tuesday: Lentils and Bulgur Wheat with Caramelized Onions

Wednesday:  French Onion Soup Potstickers

Thursday:  Tuscan White Bean Soup

Friday:  Homemade Pizza night

Saturday:  Spaghetti and Meatballs (Working on a vegan version of these)

Sunday:  To be determined

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  1. Oh gosh, Jamie… how scary!! I’m so glad he’s fine…
    Good luck experimenting with lunches. My daughter is getting pickier all the time, so I understand the challenge!

  2. You’re going to love Tina’s bootcamp! Actually you probably already started and know that by now :)

    Your menu sounds so good. Off to check out some of your links! Thanks for linking up with What’s For Dinner!


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