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What I Ate Wednesday

It has definitely begun to feel like spring here!  I am really looking forward to warmer weather.  Not having to bundle everyone up when we go on errands.  The kids playing outside all day.  Daylight savings is this weekend which means more daylight in the evening.

I used to really look forward to Wednesdays because of Top Chef.  Top Chef finished up last week but at least I still have What I Ate Wednesday to look forward to!  This party is hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons every Wednesday.

So, here is what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast:  Forgot to take a picture again for breakfast.  But I had a bowl of Grape Nuts with almond milk and blueberries.

Snack was one or two or was it three of these raw brownie bites from Running to the Kitchen.  I used dates instead of prunes and used walnuts instead of cashews.

Lunch was leftovers.  Lentil loaf with Mama Pea’s mac n cheese and some sauteed spinach since WIAW is going green!

Snack was some hummus with carrot sticks and Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tostitos.

I had some green grapes for another snack sometime in the day.

Dinner I called Fast Food Remix night.  I made Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas.  They turned out fantastic!  Stay tuned for that recipe Friday.  I also made a Shamrock shake based on another Running to the Kitchen recipe.  That picture is below.  Sorry for the awful pic.  It was late when hubby and I ended up drinking our shakes.  I used half a block of silken tofu instead of the Greek yogurt.




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  1. Just found you, thanks to Trisha and facebook! Lovin’ it so far! I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 years now and even though I have some awesome veggie cookbooks, I’m always looking for more great ideas! That meatloaf looks awesome, I’ve been craving a good meatloaf sandwich so I might have to try that! (I’d maybe add some homemade gravy made with Better Than Bouillon no-beef base!) Anyway, I could go on and on, but just to let you know that I’ve bookmarked your website and have it at the top of my list so it’s easy to get to, and I’m going to share it with some friends! Thanks again!

  2. We have such similar eating habits! Love those little brownie bites, looks like the date balls I make, too. Yum!!

  3. I used to love Taco Bell mexican pizzas when I was a kid. Yours look much better!

  4. I love fun posts like this where we get to “peek” into the Blogger’s day. So fun to see — kinda like Reality tv only for blogging. ha!

    • Ha ha! That would be an exciting reality show wouldn’t it!

  5. Great idea subbing the tofu for the yogurt! I’m going to have to try that – I’ve never had a shamrock shake!

    • It had been a really long time since I had one. It was delicious!

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