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Menu Plan Monday-Sept 5

Happy Labor Day all!  Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  This weekend we have gone from 90 degree weather on Saturday to the 60’s today!  Fall is coming!

The last couple weeks I seem to have lost my menu planning mojo.  Maybe it is the change in weather.  In between fall and summer.  Last week I think I only made one dish that was actually on my menu plan.  But at least I had a plan to fall back on, right?

So, this week the menu is a bit boring.  The one highlight is a BLT sandwich.  I am going to try to make bacon out of tofu.  Hmm…should be interesting!

Monday:  Leftovers and dinner at my in-laws.

Tuesday:  BLT sandwiches

Wednesday:  Falafel with homemade pita bread

Thursday:   General Tso’s Tofu (my husband’s current favorite dish!)

Friday:  Homemade Pizza night

Saturday:  Not sure yet.

Sunday:  Not sure yet.  (Ran out of steam while planning…)

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  1. How are you going to make bacon out of tofu? Sounds interesting–if it works, you need to post the recipe. :) I just found a recipe for mushroom bacon bits that I want to try out. My husband loves the Morningstar bacon and I’m trying to wean him off of it.

    • If it works I will definitely post! I’ve seen recipes for tempeh bacon but my husband isn’t crazy about tempeh.

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